Six Important Aspects That Will Influence SEO In 2016


We have experienced some interesting changes in Google search engines in 2015.The most awaited Mobilegeddon update arrived to penalise sites failing to upgrade in mobile friendly version also with the introduction of  local three-packs for local rankings & Panda update for better content and many more minor updates.

Experiencing through all these trend changes and current insights of this year. We predict these are some aspects that needs consideration while preparation of SEO plan 2016.

  1. Mobile Optimization should be the Top Priority :-- According to reports of research done by Emarketers 2015  mobile searches will surpass the traditional desktop and laptop searches .This clearly should grab your attention towards mobile optimizations. Even with the introduction of Mobilegeddon & local three-packs google states that mobile is equally important as most of the organic and paid traffic is driven by mobile devices including tablets.

  2. Keyword Optimization with respect to New Digital Assistants :--  The introduction of modern technology like (Siri, Cortana, and Google Now) are adding a new level of complexity in search terms.The spoken search queries are completely different than typed search queries which gives a whole new meaning to different long tail keywords.This trend could reward pages that contain colloquial, conversational content.

  3. Consider Display / Video Content over Written content to Increase your ROI :-- The written content is important, but it is considered as ‘standard’ nowadays.Still written content is a form of baseline for most brands, with infographics, images, videos, and various other mediums serving as peripheral additions. In 2016 and further, a number of new technologies  will shift, and video will outpace written content when it comes to reach, engagement, usefulness, and overall ROI  (Return On Investment). Vine, Periscope, Snapchat, along with other video apps are partially accountable for this, setting users’ expectations toward more image content, but the actual herald may are derived from Google, which is experimenting with video ads in search results.

  4. Mobile App Optimization with Deep Links :--  Google has been indexing mobile apps since long time. With the shift of focus towards mobile users, Google is anticipating upcoming where Apps will replace traditional websites in terms of popularity and Usage. Search marketers can benefit this change by deep links (links that point to a specific section of a specific app). This methodology of App Optimization will gain pace in 2016 or further. So, if you are medium or large business with a website you need to have an App or get your business listed in the other App’s for better optimization.

  5. Importance of HTTPS / SSL Certificate :--  Google always considers user on top priority. SSL Certificate will gain more trust of user with better safety. From the time Google announced HTTPS as a ranking factor, many organization sites should utilize secure encryption. For any websites engaging in online transactions, it’s a must-have feature.

  6. Social Content Results will be more Important  :--  Google has deals with Facebook as well as Twitter for search for a news item, and we will probably see a tweet or two come in your mobile SERP’s. Social posts can carry a value plus a similar consideration for you to any specific website, and the difference of “web”  & “social media” will quickly diminish even additionally from an SEO perspective. We might see top rankings will get replaced with separate “social” section in SERP’s.

Every one of the above factors, along with on-page and technical areas of the site, bring about good SEO benefits. Remember, SEO is a collaborative effort and a variety of all these might help make the quest smoother.

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