Simple and Effective Ways to Gain APP Publicity

There are many ways to gain App publicity for your apps, but you need to be careful to bring the proper ones. These core users are the ones who are most likely to download and use your app consistently over time.

Here are 5 Simple and Effective Ways to Gain APP Publicity to your apps and achieve exponential growth.

1.App Store Optimization(ASO)

App Store Marketing and Mobile App SEO are two more names for App Store Optimization (ASO).

You can help with additional objectives like visitors to your web app and downloads by increasing impressions.

The technique of increasing app visibility and conversions in the app stores is known as "app store optimization." It depends on keyword selection, position, attractive app store listing images, and positive user reviews. App Store Optimization aims to produce a listing for your app that is easy to find and appealing to your target audience.

2.Create a Landing Page for Your App

A website can be an effective tool for promoting apps. You can use it to promote your app by praising its benefits and proving why users simply cannot do without it.

When looking for information and solutions to their challenges, people search and surf the internet. Being visible in the search results can attract plenty of new users. Additionally, you'll put your app in front of users with high intent who are already looking for the solution your app provides.

SEO is the most important part of website development, after functionality (search engine optimization). Utilizing SEO will help your website appear on the top page of search results. It's important to achieve a high Google ranking, for instance. By using important keywords in your articles and landing pages, you may boost your SEO.

3.Social Media to Promote Your App

Promoting apps requires the use of social media. Paid and organic social media connections are also options for reaching your audience. Here is a brief comparison of both.

Organic Social Media

Having a presence on social media, such as a Facebook page, Twitter profile, and Instagram account constitutes an organic promotion. Create accounts and begin following users in your industry and target market. Avoid spamming your audience by being overly promotional and instead strive to establish real connections with them by posting on the issues they care about and participating in the discussion.

Paid Organic Social Media

A 2016 analysis by Kenshoo found that mobile app ad click-through rates (CTRs) increased 32% year over year, whilst CPC (cost per click) fell 33%. Spending some money on your app promotion will increase its discoverability and bring in more users. Additionally, since Facebook owns Instagram, they make it very simple to advertise app installs on both platforms.

4.Friends and Family to Promote the App

Observe your surroundings and note who you are surrounded by. Do you have any friends or relatives that would like to use your app? If so, go up to them! They are already a part of your close-knit group and are more than willing to assist. Consider your network's potential growth exponentially now. Your family members and friends all know at least five other people. These 5 individuals know an additional 5 individuals. Encourage this network to join your early adopters. They'll disseminate information and lay the groundwork for your user base.

5.Get More reviews

Request reviews from your customers on Google Play or the App Store. Start working on creating a list of websites that review apps so you can contact them. Simply add a few details specific to the website you are contacting to an email you created outlining the advantages of your app. It is a numbers game, so keep emailing. These customized pitches might spark the interest of one or more.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are no limitations on how an app can be promoted. Spend time developing a strong app user acquisition plan and approach it as you would any other traditional product launch. Want your mobile app to be as effective as possible? To learn more about the distinctive mobile app from AXAT Technologies, schedule a call request with a member of our staff now.

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