How Much Does it Cost to Put an app on the app store?

The process of developing an app doesn't finish after the creation of the app. Delivering your app to users is the next stage, and to do this, you must publish the app in stores.

These app stores charge a fee for the app publishing service they offer, which includes in-app purchases and app uploading. This is how app stores make money while also assisting in the global distribution of your app.

In this article, we'll analyze the costs associated with the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store while highlighting the differences between them.

What is an App Store?

App Store is an online store where users can download or purchase apps is known as an app store. With the popularity of tablets and smartphones, the idea of building an app store spread, but it is now also being applied to desktop OS systems and web browsers. There are app stores for web browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox where users may download and install web-based applications.

A selection of pre-approved apps for usage on users' devices, both free and paid, are available in an app store.

The two biggest platforms for distributing and promoting apps are Google Play and the Apple App Store. Your applications should be developed per the unique specifications of each of those Stores to avoid any problems and potential rejections.

Apple App Store

The Apple App Store provides a more unique method to purchase the newest Apple accessories and products. Get references for your specific Apple product, find out which accessories work with it, and you can quickly upgrade from your current iPhone to a new one.

The following are the procedures to take in order to publish your app on the Apple App Store:

  • Collect App Information
  • Establish a Bundle Identifier
  • A Certificate Signing Request
  • Make a Production Certificate for the App Store
  • Create a Production Provisioning Profile
  • Publish an app store listing
  • Build the release version
  • Completion of Version Information
  • Version to be reviewed
  • Release the app

Gather the necessary data, including the app's name and icon, a list of its features, distinct keywords, support, marketing, and privacy policy URLs, a rating-based questionnaire, copyright information, and a demo account. Follow the instructions above to successfully submit your app to the Apple App Store. Go through the processes.

Google Play Store

One of the biggest marketplaces for advertising, selling, and dispersing Android apps is Google Play Store. On the majority of Android smartphones, Play Store can be found on the Home Screen.

Users must follow the platform's rules and guidelines in order to prevent any problems in the future. Let's look at the procedures for publishing the app on Google Play Store:

  • Register as a Developer
  • Create a profile for the Payments Center
  • Develop an app
  • Create the store listing
  • Upload the Android Package Kit
  • Describe the content rating
  • Configure pricing and distribution
  • Release App

To get the app published on the Google Play Store, follow the procedures outlined above. The next step after creating your app is to submit it to the App Stores so that users may find it and download and install it on their devices.

Regarding the price for publishing apps in App Stores, each App Store has a different price to be paid.

How Much Does it Cost to Put an app on the app store?

Let's find out how much it costs to submit an app to the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. You must join the Apple Developer Program to access the iOS App Store, and a license costs $99 / £99 per year. This then allows you to upload as many apps as you like to the iOS App Store. You must enroll in the Android Developer Program, which costs $25 or £25 as a one-time fee, in order to use the Google Play store for Android.

Final Thoughts

Great! Now you are ready to build your own app and get it added to an app store. Your app will send all of its specific information to Google for review as soon as it is launched on the Google Play Store. Your app will be released on the Google Play store in the regions and countries and it will take two hours.

AXAT Technologies assist you in completing the submission procedure without a problem. Our committed iOS team will carefully check the user interface's appearance and feel during the assessment to ensure that it complies with Apple standards. The AXAT Technologies Review team will offer suggestions on how to make your app better if it doesn't meet App Store criteria. We will try our best to assist you so that you can successfully publish your app.

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