10 Best Free SEO Tools for 2023

Some companies require sophisticated operating capabilities, technological assistance, and long-term data storage. However, 75% of users can get by with the features provided by free online services and extensions. SEO tools are designed to support you in enhancing the code, content, and reputation (backlinks) of your website in order to increase your ranking in search results. On-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO are the three main categories that SEO tools generally cover.

1.Google Search Console

Google Search Console is among the top available free SEO tools. This tool is important for Google to index your website, but it also enhances your performance. They accomplish this by providing you with details on the search terms that lead visitors to your website and how well you're performing. This is what Google calls "Search Analytics." Then, Google allows you to submit URLs and sitemaps directly so that they can index them more quickly. They will then provide you with search information so you can evaluate how well you're doing after that. Last but not least, the Google Search Console also notifies you of any performance issues.

2.Google Keyword Planner

Even though Keyword Planner is essentially a feature of Google Ads, we still need to talk about it as one of the free SEO tools. Why? You can find and research keywords with the use of a keyword planner. In contrast to Trends, Keyword Planner assists you in finding potential new keywords. You also receive data on how terms perform over time, similar to Trends.

This information is an absolute treasure for SEO. Finding new keywords and optimizing for the best ones are essential components of any SEO strategy. You can use Keyword Planner to uncover keywords that may be less competitive but are still important enough to generate significant traffic. If people are looking for it, you might then become the center of attention.

3.Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a totally free SEO tool for website analysis. You may obtain thorough information on traffic sources, user behavioral factors, and much more by using this free SEO tool.

Use this free SEO tool to Track website visitor activity; Analyze conversion rates; Conduct A/B testing Obtain thorough details on the efficiency of various advertising channels and SEO promotion. Real-time monitoring of website activity allows you to take any necessary immediate action.


Although SEMrush is a multifunctional search engine marketing tool, it does provide certain free SEO tools. A free account, in particular, enables you to run constrained keyword searches and competitive analyses. You can order a small site audit as well as domain and keyword statistics. You can also obtain a  few topic reports and some study proposal ideas. These tools enable you to explore SEMrush's potential while moderately enhancing site SEO.


Neil Patel developed the SEO tool Ubersuggest, which comes with a 7-day free trial. Ubersuggest assists you with keyword research, site ranking tracking, and link analysis. Additionally, it does an audit to assess the overall performance of your website and spot any issues that need to be fixed. You'll also receive a tone of user analytics that you can use to refine your keyword strategy and target audience.

6 Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a full-service SEO company located in the UK. Two of their tools are available in free versions with a limited set of features. An analyst for log files is the first tool. This bot analyzes your log files to determine which pages are visited the most and least frequently. Additionally, they check for any technical issues that can ruin your viewer experience, such as broken links.

Second, there is a spider that looks for duplicate pages, redirects, and other mistakes. Your page will be mapped, the information analyzed, and a site audit will be done. You can utilize the report produced by this analysis to enhance your website.


Although Ahrefs is a premium tool, they offer a bunch of free SEO tools. For various search engines, they include various keyword research tools. You also have several widgets and tools for link building that look at the first 10 results for any keyword. Finally, there is a keyword rank checker that displays your site's performance for a certain keyword across all countries.

Additionally, bounce rates and link building from broken backlinks have a significant impact on SEO. Last but not least, you can use the ranking data to assist you to design your strategy for advancing or maintaining a dominant position, as appropriate.


SimilarWeb is essentially a marketing intelligence and competitive analysis tool. Their Chrome extensions and API are free SEO tools that assist you in locating and examining websites that are comparable to your own. Discovering what your competitors are doing well in terms of SEO is the goal here. This covers things like site functionality, keyword rankings, and more. After that, you can use additional tools to complete the task and raise your overall ranking.


One of the best browser plugins among the tools I've highlighted above, especially if you're looking for freemium tools, is SEOquake. They enable you to perform SEO audits on any page, look at internal and external links, compare domains, and export your data for analysis.

10.Google PageSpeed Insights

This is a free Google tool that informs you of the performance of your website. Especially how quickly desktop and mobile users can access your website. After that, Google will inform you of your obstacles and provide solutions.

The majority of users wouldn't associate page speed with SEO. Page speed is important for SEO, though, as it lowers the "bounce rate," or the frequency with which visitors give up on your site and leave. Similar to this, your search engine results improve the longer visitors stay on your website. Therefore, without changing the content, you can enhance SEO by fixing the issues.

Final Thoughts

Every online marketer promotes their website and works hard to achieve ranking as well as to produce sales and inquiries but the important thing is how smoothly you complete your task by using free SEO tools.
An SEO Expert has full knowledge of how search engines work and the factors they employ to rank websites. They will be able to change your website in a way that will increase its likelihood of being more visible as a result.

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