Top 9 Artificial Intelligence Trends in 2021

It's impossible to think of a single industry that hasn't implemented smart equipment and models that are integrated with Artificial Intelligence. The remarkable capabilities of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms have been adopted by the world to increase productivity and assure greater consumer engagement.

People are using smart gadgets in their homes to cope with the fast-paced lifestyle of the tech-driven era. Indeed, Artificial Intelligence has a huge potential to improve society's level of life in the next years.

With a CAGR of 33.2 %, the Artificial Intelligence industry is expected to reach US$266.92 billion by 2027. Artificial Intelligence (AI) trends are encouraging businesses and the general public to wait for future AI advancements. So, let's take a look at the top 10 Artificial Intelligence trends for 2021 to see what's in store for us in the not-too-distant future.

Top Artificial Intelligence trends in 2021

The goal of AI adoption is to improve the efficiency or effectiveness of operations. It may also be used to enhance the stakeholder experience. Let's take a look at the most important trends for 2021.

AI solutions for IT 

In the midst of the continuing coronavirus pandemic, the IT industry has embraced AI's capabilities. It is constantly revolutionizing the IT industry and assisting in the effective increase of production.

Artificial Intelligence is assisting programmers in producing better code by conquering software defects, taking over boring, laborious, and repetitive back-end jobs, discovering and anticipating complicated problems, ensuring the quality of products and services, and much more without any human intervention.

AIOps becomes more popular

What is artificial intelligence for IT operations?

AIOps is an artificial intelligence programme that employs machine learning and big data analytics to streamline IT operations management while also speeding up and automating issue resolution in complicated situations.

Traditional IT management approaches have failed to cope with the present digital revolutions in most organizations due to the extreme nature of IT developments.

As a result, AIOps has been brought in to oversee the implementation of substantial modifications to ITOps processes, resulting in a dramatic reorganisation of how we presently manage IT ecosystems.

Because businesses' interest in and use of AIOps has grown dramatically since its beginnings, it has remained a hot subject in AI.

AI and Cloud Computing

Artificial Intelligence will play a key role in the widespread use of Cloud Solutions in 2021.

Since businesses will continue to use AI, the need for competent artificial intelligence and machine learning engineers to create and manage these solutions has grown and will continue to grow.

Artificial Intelligence, according to Rico Burnett, director of client innovation at legal services provider Exigent, will play a key role in the wider adoption of Cloud Solutions in 2021. Artificial intelligence will make it easy to monitor and manage cloud resources as well as the huge quantity of data accessible.

 AI can assist structuring data 

Natural language processing and machine learning technologies will be used to organise more unstructured data in the future. These technologies may be utilised by businesses to create data that can be used by RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology to automate transactional processes. RPA is one of the fastest-growing areas in the tech industry. The fact that it can only operate with organised data is its only disadvantage. With the use of AI, unstructured data may be readily converted to structured data, resulting in a valuable performance.

Artificial intelligence talent will remain tight

In 2021, the scarcity of talent is likely to be a problem in the adoption of artificial intelligence. There has been a chronic skills gap in AI, and businesses have finally recognised its potential.

It is essential to address this gap and teach artificial intelligence to a larger number of individuals. In 2021, it will be important to ensure that a wider range of users has access to artificial intelligence in order to focus on technology, learning techniques, and enabling a shift in the workplace.

AI Ethics is the focus 

While artificial intelligence is a fascinating and intriguing subject, opinions on it vary depending on who you question.

In certain groups, you'll hear things like "we're giving computers too much decision-making power," "we're handing machines our jobs," and "how much should AI do?"

If you've kept up with technology, you'll recognise that AI has aided in optimising logistics, identifying fraud, doing research, creating translations, and composing art, all of which have improved our lives.

Google, a prominent participant in the artificial intelligence field, offers software that can recognise and classify persons, objects, and scenes in your photographs. However, comparable software that was used to predict potential criminals recently blew up, revealing a prejudice towards black individuals.

While I want to go all-in and blast AI with my boots on the throttle, you should remember that these apps are created by people.

If the person creating the app already has prejudice, who is to blame if something goes wrong: the computer or the human?

 Augmented Processes have become increasingly popular

When it comes to innovation and automation in 2021, artificial intelligence and data science will be a part of the bigger picture. Data ecosystems are scalable, lean, and offer data to a variety of sources on time. However, a foundation must be established to adapt and promote innovation.

Companies will take a step further in optimising their augmented business and development processes, according to Ana Maloberti, a big data engineer at Globant. Software development processes can be optimized using Artificial Intelligence, and we may hope for broader collective intelligence and enhanced cooperation.

To evolve towards a sustainable delivery model, we need to build a data-driven culture and grow out of the experimental stages.

Artificial Intelligence will become more explainable 

According to Dave Lucas, senior director of product at customer data centre Tealium, there will be a greater emphasis on explainability. As more data rules are implemented, AI's trustworthiness will become increasingly important. To properly comprehend and express how each attribute contributes to the machine learning model's final prediction or result.

Voice and Language Driven intelligence

The rise in remote working, particularly in customer service centres, has created a tremendous opportunity to implement NLP or ASR (automatic speech recognition) capabilities. According to ISG's Butterfield, only around 5% of all client contacts are frequently reviewed for quality feedback.

Since businesses will continue to use AI, the need for competent artificial intelligence and machine learning engineers to create and manage these solutions has grown and will continue to grow.

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