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How To Do An Effective Seo Audit For Your Website

Search Engine Optimization is a process of increasing the visibility of a website. Its Algorithms & Procedures keeps on changing. So it is vital for every entrepreneurs and businessman to conduct analysis regularly. Conducting assessments helps to understand whether changes need to make or not. Nowadays, Google has become strict with regards to its rules.

If your website is not properly optimized, then there would be a heavy loss of traffic which in turn would lose your potential customer. Thus is it recommended for everyone to go for high-quality website SEO Audit for your website.

Axat Technologies is one of the best Digital Marketing Firm in Mumbai which has helped many websites to improve their performance and ranking. Before starting SEO Campaign, we do effective SEO Audit. By doing Audit, we are able to understand the weak and strong areas of any website. It also gives us an area for improvement in your website with respect to Google standards. Here are few tips for doing Effective SEO Audit for your website.

1.Check On/Off-page tag optimization

To improve SEO of any website is by changing the on-page factors.You can also bring high-quality backlinks to your websites which is also a good SEO Audit.


2.Analyze weaknesses

You Need to find strength as well as weak points in your website for your website improvement. Before you start SEO Audit following questions should come to your mind.

Q1. Does title tag have less than 65 characters?

Q2. Do the title tag have proper SEO Keywords?

Q3. Does the website have original and fresh content?

Q4. Are the images well optimized?

Q5. Does the website contain internal and external links?

Q6. Does the website contain H1 tags?


3. Check dead pages or broken links

Check for any broken links or dead links present in your website. Broken links or dead links degrade your website performance. You can check broken from any online checker tools or if you are working on WordPress then you can install it and make use of it.


4. Check if your website can be indexed by the search engines

You have check whether your website is crawled by Spider or not. Their might some wrongly added code to your website or hacked site content which can result in the inability of the search engine to read the content correctly.


5.Examine your website’s backlink profile and compare it with your competitors

Once you are done with the on-page factors, the next step is to check your website status and compare it with competitors. The number of quality links that point to your website determine the content’s performance with respect to the search engine.

Check if the links are well connected to the content of the website

Check the links which are sent by the website have the same content as ours.

With these, you can understand link-building patterns in your field.


6. Check the speed of your website

Google prioritizes the website’s speed as a factor for the ranking of a website. You can check website speed and load time on Google Insights.Google insights provide suggestions for any improvements that need to be made to your website.


Axat Technologies is one of the best Digital Marketing Agency in Navi Mumbai which provides all kinds of Digital Marketing Services for your Business.

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