7 Important activities in SEO that can now be automated


Aleyda Solis, a Columnist shares on Search engine Land, a number of her favorite tools for automating SEO activities.

Although it’s difficult to stay up with the growing variety of SEO tools that are launched within the previous few years (along with the new functionalities of the present tools), it’s necessary to check them so as to spot however their options will support and facilitate to advance our SEO activities more with efficiency.

This is very true once it involves tasks that are crucial or extremely useful to the SEO method however are complicated and/or long to execute.

That’s why she needs to share with you seven such SEO tasks that currently may be part or fully machine-driven with the support of some tools.

1. Assessing Your business Traffic Potential

One of the primary activities while launching a new website or SEO campaign is to assess traffic potential (ideally per channel) and determine the potential competitors within the market. Estimating this may be difficult, particularly when beginning to add a new market that you just don’t understand something about.

Nonetheless, SimilarWeb “Industry Analysis” reports will greatly facilitate by permitting you to simply get the most necessary traffic information for any business in several countries; it additionally shows the traffic per sources, preferred sites per channel, and trends.

However, keep in mind to require these numbers as references, not absolutes; and whenever you'll be able to, validate with alternative information sources.

2. Finding Keyword Opportunities For Your websites

It is very important to find new keyword opportunities when focusing your SEO method and establishing profitable however still possible goals.

In the past, doing this kind of research was long, however currently it may be fully machine-driven with Sistrix‘s “Opportunities” feature. With this feature, you'll be able to embrace up to 3 competitors, and it will show which keywords you’re still not targeting that these competitors are already ranking and also the level of traffic opportunity and competition.

3. Finding connected Relevant terms for including in your content by doing a TF-IDF analysis of the highest ranking pages for any query

According to the OnPage Wiki, TF-IDF stands for “term frequency” and “inverse document frequency.”
With the TF*IDF formula, you'll determine within which proportion certain words inside a text document or website are weighted compared to all potentially feasible documents. Apart from the keyword density, this formula may be used for OnPage improvement so as to increase a website’s relevancy in search engines.

Although it’s known that TF-IDF has been used to index pages, there hasn’t been a preferred tool providing it to find the relevant term variances for our topics that we should always use. This info may be used to improve our website relevancy for different terms our audience uses.

OnPage.org includes a handy TF-IDF tool in their on-page analysis and monitoring, which might be used to determine a lot of term variances that our competitors are already using, however we still aren’t (by analyzing the top fifteen page results and our own desired page for ranking). By specializing in terms associated with our main keywords, we will increase our website content’s relevancy for the required topic.

4. Visualizing Your Site’s Internal Linking

She has written in the past regarding visualizing a site’s pages and links as a graph to facilitate the analysis of a website’s internal linking, that was possible however it took lots of effort. The method needed exporting the URLs crawled, then processing them with visual image tools.

This has currently been made simple by the “Visualizer” functionality of OnPage.org. It not only permits you to automatically generate the inner link graph of any website, however it facilitate the functionalities to browse, filter the amount, show the connection of links, and show only the pages that follow certain pattern.

This can be very useful to better understand how a website is internally connected, the link cardinality, if there are any pages or areas of the website that aren't connected with the rest.

5. Getting All Key optimization, Link quality, Social & Organic Traffic information for Your top website pages at one Place

Collecting the info when doing an SEO audit may take long time. This information includes a website’s technical optimization, content, link quality, current organic search traffic, and search engine rankings, which we get from completely different information sources that were a challenge to include later.

This information collecting will currently be largely machine-driven due to URL Profiler, that directly retrieves a lot of of desired information while combining several different tools’ information. For instance, so as to get all the key SEO metrics for the best visibility of the pages of your website, the “top pages” CSV from the “Search Console” Analytics report can be downloaded and can be imported to Screaming Frog crawler in the “list mode,” and crawl them.

Once crawled, you'll be able to import them on to URL Profiler with the Screaming Frog SEO Spider import option. You must choose the extra metrics you would like to get for these pages: Mozscape link popularity and social media shares metrics, Google Analytics search traffic information (you’ll be able to choose the section you want), and Page Speed of Google and Mobile validation (these would require that you need to add a free API key from Google and Moz).

Now, you'll run URL Profiler and find the leads to a couple of minutes in one spreadsheet: All the info from Screaming Frog, Google,, Moz and social shares, PageSpeed and mobile validation for your prime pages with the highest visibility in Google’s Search Console.

There’s no excuse to not develop a fast SEO audit for your most vital pages, considering all the key metrics

6. Obtaining Relevant Link Prospects With the specific needs And Direct Contact data

Getting a list of websites that are extremely relevant to your business could be not that troublesome — so if you are looking for extremely authorized sites, from a selected country, with visible contact data (among alternative criteria) is a bit complicated.

All this could be simply done currently with the Link Risk Peek tool, that provides several advanced filters to get the sites that may be relevant and possible to use for reaching.

7. Finding Rankings of full SERPs for your keywords

There was a time when we used to track the rankings of the important keywords, for our website as well as our competitors website. Due to the current fluctuations in ranking, sometimes we have new competitors, and so it is very difficult to find the relation of losses and gains vs them.

Upon that, when we got the ranking data, we had to analyze the pages to know the potential reasons for the shift in rankings. We used to do this with the help of tools to obtain the popularity of Domain or link, among other factors.

This can be now easily done with tools like SERPWoo. Instead of tracking the specified URLs, SERPWoo tracks the top twenty results for your keywords, which is by default. It also has useful metrics like link popularity, social media shares, etc., to help marketing people more easily find the potential cause of fluctuations in ranking.

According to Aleyda Solis, these functionalities can help you as much as they have helped her.

Know more about SEO auomated activities from Axat technologies.

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