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Are Breadcrumbs Affect Google Ranking?

Breadcrumbs are used to confirm the site structure for search engines and enhance user experiences for website visitors.

A breadcrumb is a brief text path that often appears at the top of a page and indicates where a user is on a website. They also show up in Google search.....

Harness the Power of Social Media Optimization

Networking… that’s how business was promoted earlier than the internet. The enterprise owner or marketing executive met with individuals who in turn introduced them to different people. That’s how the “network” of people grew. But with the start of the internet, and social platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and so.....

Native or Cross-Platform Apps which is Best?

Businesses have learned that mobile touchpoints are now more efficient than any other channel at reaching and engaging customers. Those who are thinking about developing their own mobile app will inevitably have to make the choice between creating a cross-platform app or a native app.

Developers were limited in the.....

5 Reasons Why Your Website is Not Ranking on Google

Building a new website for your company is a great first step toward attracting new customers, but if you also want Google to find you online, you need to keep going continuously.

How will customers be able to find your website if Google can't find your website?

If you recently.....

10 Best Free SEO Tools for 2023

Some companies require sophisticated operating capabilities, technological assistance, and long-term data storage. However, 75% of users can get by with the features provided by free online services and extensions. SEO tools are designed to support you in enhancing the code, content, and reputation (backlinks) of your website in order to.....

How Much Does it Cost to Put an app on the app store?

The process of developing an app doesn't finish after the creation of the app. Delivering your app to users is the next stage, and to do this, you must publish the app in stores.

These app stores charge a fee for the app publishing service they offer, which includes in-app.....

Reasons Why Your Business Needs SEO

Organizations frequently feel that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be put off or learned at a later time. While this may be true, placing SEO on the back burner results in numerous problems that must be solved prior to changes can be made. For an agency to use.....

Simple and Effective Ways to Gain APP Publicity

There are many ways to gain App publicity for your apps, but you need to be careful to bring the proper ones. These core users are the ones who are most likely to download and use your app consistently over time.

Here are 5 Simple and Effective Ways to Gain.....

How to Launch Mobile App: 8 Pre-Launch Steps

No matter what goals you want to achieve with your app, coming up with a unique idea is no longer sufficient due to the intense competition in the mobile app market. It's getting more difficult to stand out, and doing so requires a significant time and cost commitment.

Lack of.....

AXAT Technologies included in Promising 500 company for Web Development by!


AXAT Technologies has done it again!

We have made it to Promising 500 Web Development companies at

AXAT Technologies is an IT company that provides technical consultancy worldwide. Our Delivery Center in Mumbai, India's business powerhouse, has the top infrastructure and 24/7 connectivity.

Today, AXAT is.....

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